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Hypergrowth Mindset.

Founded in 2020, Ubumenyi Resources was created with the belief that strategic business solutions can be delivered with an approach and cost profile that makes business sense.

Our team is based in Kigali, Rwanda and partners with Fadmoor to deliver thought leadership born from decades of experience, coupled with the latest technology delivered with high quality, rapid deployments.

Ultimately, we deliver your success through our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Delivering. Consistently.

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Business Planning

Strategic Solutions

Reporting & Analytics

Data Integration

Process Improvement

Staff Augmentation

Training & Coaching

Problems We Solve

Finance & Accounting

  • Improve forecast accuracy by seamlessly tying operational & financial planning

  • Dramatically reduce planning cycle times and manual effort required

  • Reduce planning errors that impact business decisions

  • Enable greater real-time analytical insights

Supply Chain

  • Allow true supply chain “modeling” and what-if analysis throughout the planning process

  • Daily/weekly/monthly data-driven multi-channel demand forecasting

  • Collaborative supply, inventory, & MRP planning based on multifactor real-time updates

Sales Planning & Management

  • Comprehensive sales planning based on attribute scoring, historical attainment, etc. using the factors that matter to you

  • Dynamic planning & management of territories & sales rep quotas

  • Actual & what-if incentive compensation modeling with real-time rep & manager visibility
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Our Approach

Our teams have been crafted to provide you with exceptional service without the unnecessary cost.

Invaluable service. Suitable approach.

Our scaled strategic and implementation teams are dedicated to providing you with the right resources at the right time.

Our blend of onshore, near-shore, and offshore resources ensure we bring the appropriate combination of experience, skill, availability, & price to address your needs.

Common engagement options:

  • Full-service implementation teams
  • “Health Checks” & System/Process Recovery
  • Project & Staff Augmentation with On/Offshore resources
  • Ongoing & on-demand solution support


Planning, data, analytics... we’ve used them all.

These are the tools making a measurable impact for our customers.

Anaplan is a planning, reporting, & analytics platform, and the pioneer of Connected Planning or “xP&A”.

Anaplan connects people, data, and plans by delivering a unified real-time, cloud-based environment to optimize planning and democratize decision-making across all lines of business and activities.

Pigment is focused on enabling organizations to plan together in real time.

As the next-generation integrated business planning tool, Pigment enables organizations to build custom plans, update them in real time, model any scenario, and, ultimately, make better decisions, faster.

Originally developed by the Fadmoor team, EA Connect is a revolutionary cloud-first data integration tool.

Serving organizations of all sizes and industries, EA Connect is a tool that is built for the business users but is loved by IT.

Your data. Simplified.

Primary Industries

Our team has proven thought leadership and delivery expertise in the following industries.

Cryptocurrency and software concept
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Manufacturing factory
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Technology & SaaS

Consumer Packaged Goods



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Oil & Gas

Biotech & Health Sciences